Introducing the 808 Bass Module 5 – an 808 bass ROMpler designed for both Windows and Mac. Explore 338 crafted presets, ready to add depth and character to your tracks.

Meet the new 808 Bass Module 5, the evolution of our popular VST instrument lineup. Experience fresh, powerful 808 basses alongside improved favorites from the previous version, giving you a wide range of options to choose from. The user-friendly interface features easy controls for ADSR, LFO, filters, and more. New effect modules include distortion and chorus, each equipped with intuitive controls.

Available in VST/VST3/AU plugin formats, perfect for Windows and Mac (64-bit) setups. Elevate your sound with 808 Bass Module 5 today.


  • 338 Presets for Electronic music.
  • Glide Time control.
  • LFO modulation controls.
  • Lowpass/highpass filter cutoff.
  • ADSR envelope controls.
  • Global tune.
  • Built-in chorus.
  • Built-in distortion.
  • Easy to use

System Requirements on Windows:

  • Windows 8.1/10/11
  • 1 GB Disk Space
  • 1 GB Ram
  • VST VST3 host 64-bit

System Requirements on MacOS:

  • macOS 10.14 And Above
  • 1 GB Disk Space
  • 1 GB Ram
  • AU or VST host (64-bit)

PRICE: 30€ (exVAT)

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